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Online 3 Class Mini Series August 2020 Special
These classes offer a precious opportunity to meet yourself as you are–without judgement, force, or imposition–and leave you feeling more grounded, present and at ease, naturally. No prior experience necessary!


Each 30 minute class will be followed by an optional Q&A.


Class FAQ for New Students:
What is this class like?
In this class you’ll be guided through a series of gentle movements done in a comfortable position (usually lying). As you become more aware of your movement, the way you feel naturally improves: unnecessary tension is released, breathing becomes easier, and your overall state becomes more balanced. 

These movements are accessible for most levels of ability and fitness. However if you have any questions or concerns about necessary movements or accommodations, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

What should I wear?
Please wear comfortable clothes that don’t interfere with your movement.

What do I need to prepare for class?
It’s best to lie on a.blanket, quilt or soft carpet (something softer than a yoga mat)

What is the best time to take class?

It’s best to take class at least 1 hour after a big meal and to avoid intense physical activities right after class.