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Individual Feldenkrais Session

“What you truly learn best will appear to you later as your own discovery.”
“Through awareness, we can learn to move with astonishing lightness and freedom at almost any age.”
 – Moshe Feldenkrais

What to expect in a Feldenkrais Session
After a brief talk to learn about your goals for the session, we’ll start by finding a position that is comfortable for you (usually lying down). Then through gentle touch and subtle movement, I provide non-intrusive feedback to help your brain and nervous system naturally discover greater ease and freedom of movement. As the session progresses unnecessary tension is released, breathing becomes easier, and your overall state becomes more balanced and grounded.

Un-Forced Does Not Mean Random or Slow
Outcomes are created by providing feedback to your brain and nervous system through the gentle touch, rather than by making adjustment directly, but this does not mean the process is random or slow. In fact changes that emerge in this process can be very specific.

In each session The focus is on providing very precise feedback that is most relevant for the client in the moment, taking into account their goals, level of health and fitness, personal preferences, posture and movement habits, and learning style.  This type of feedback offers a potent opportunity for healing and often leads to improvements that surpass my client’s expectations.

Change That Comes About Naturally is Easier to Integrate
It’s easier for your  nervous system to integrate its own discoveries, unlike changes made from the outside that take longer to integrate and are often continue to be rejected by the nervous system after many attempts.

There is no need to keep reapplying changes that emerge naturally – they will integrate seamlessly into your daily life. After a brief series of sessions my clients find that they feel more balanced emotionally and physically on a daily basis.

Physical or Emotional – You Don’t Have to Choose
Some people are drawn to the Feldenkrais method to address physical concerns related to their posture or movement. Others want to feel more balanced emotionally by being more in touch with their body. Because the focus is on working with the whole person, both physical and emotional changes happen simultaneously.