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Summer and Fall 2024 Special for Series of Private Sessions

Many people I meet, consciously or unconsciously separate physical and emotional wellness at least to some degree. I hope to bridge that gap, not by simply stating that it does not exist, but by providing an opportunity to experience physical wellness practice that offers rich and easily accessible emotional as well as physical benefits.

The Feldenkrais method is a physical wellness practice that offers unique physical and emotional benefits. Attending subtle nuances of your own natural movement offers an opportunity to improve physical and emotional wellbeing. The changes that emerge integrate seamlessly in daily life because they come from within your nervous system (nothing is forced or imposed from the outside. Change is achieved by being guided through movements that are easy, simple, and natural to every human. Slowing down and moving gently increases awareness. Increased awareness naturally leads to change in mind and body.

unique qualities and benefits:
– Very effective because what your nervous system learns will be integrated naturally into daily life. (if you imitate others by making yourself move or hold shapes that are not natural for you or focus on building muscles, that’s an attempt to change yourself from outside, which provides temporary improvement at best and has higher risk of injury and often does not feel good emotionally because you are trying to fix yourself).

Safe physically because you are not forcing a change

– Safe emotionally/psychologically because you are not forced to move in ways that are unnatural to you and can skip or modify any movement directions to make them comfortable for your particular body and mind..

During the Summer and early Fall of 2024 I am offering a special for a custom designed series of private zoom and in-person sessions for therapy clients who believe that feeling more at ease and at home in their body can support them on their healing journey.

We’ll start with one intake session in person or over zoom (as you prefer) and if you decide that this approach is right for you, we’ll plan ahead for a series of in person and/or zoom sessions.
If you are interested please reach out to schedule a time to talk. Also, please check out following articles to learn more about physical and emotional benefits of the Feldenkrais method: