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Transformative Bodywork to Support Therapy

“Health is the ability to realize our avowed and unavowed dreams.”
“What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies, but flexible brains. What I’m after is to restore each person to their human dignity.” – Moshe Feldenkrais

Feldenkrais – Transformative Bodywork

Working through the body has a way of providing fast relief for stress and anxiety, helping a person be more grounded on their mental health journey. Feldenkrais offers a unique way of working with the nervous system to help naturally improve mind-body states. Through gentle touch and movement, it is possible to connect with a person without force or imposition, bypassing the need for analysis and interpretation. This connection helps a person listen to themselves at a deeper non-verbal level and can be profoundly transformative.

What to Expect in a Private Feldenkrais Session
In a private session, each client is met as they are, without an attempt to correct or otherwise force a change. Sessions begin with choosing the most comfortable position for the client (usually lying down). The practitioner uses gentle touch and subtle movement, to provide non-intrusive feedback to the person’s nervous system. As the lesson continues, the nervous system takes in this feedback (at an unconscious level): unnecessary tension is released, breathing becomes easier, and the overall state of the person becomes more balanced and regulated. Clients often say that after the session they feel more grounded, present, at ease, in agreement with themselves.

Physical and Emotional Benefits – You Don’t Have to Choose
Some people seek Feldenkrais sessions to address physical concerns: bad posture, limited range of motion, back or neck tension, chronic pain, or injury recovery. Others want to feel more balanced emotionally by being more in touch with their body, more aware of how they feel. Because the focus is on working with the whole person, both physical and emotional changes happen simultaneously.

About Igor Shteynberg
During the last 10 years, Igor has worked with clients ranging from children with special needs to professional dancers and musicians. He also has trained in Aikido, Russian Martial Art, and Contact Improv. His diverse background and professional experience in teaching Feldenkrais to a broad range of clients allow him to bring influences from many fields into his practice. Igor’s clients appreciate his ability to relate to their concerns, as well as his patience and care in gently helping them to facilitate the change.

Client Testimonials

“I left the session feeling so much more relaxed in mind, body, and spirit!”
-Rev. Chelsea MacMillan

“Igor is an extremely thoughtful and sensitive practitioner. He has a philosophical approach that helped me to re-imagine and release old habits in my moving and find more ease in dancing and in everyday life.”
–Jennifer Monson,
 choreographer, performer, dance teacher

“Igor embodies the gentle, efficient, intelligent use of the body. He is a patient, caring, always available source helping to guide me in my pursuit of dance, movement and well-being.” 
–John Sowinski, former soloist, American Ballet Theatre

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