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Helping Your Child Reach Their Full Potential

The Feldenkrais is a wellness practice designed to meet each child where they are at and support them in naturally discovering ways to function better physically and emotionally. It can help children with developmental delays and motor difficulties. It can improve self-regulation, posture, balance, and coordination, impulse control.
If a child is struggling with motor development or behavioral issues they need help filling in gaps in their self-knowledge. Learning has to happen within a child’s own nervous system, it cannot be imposed by correcting behavior or movement habits.
During a Feldenkrais session I use gentle touch to provide feedback to the child’s nervous system. This feedback supports and accelerates each child’s inherent trend towards better self-regulation and functioning. The change happens at the level of the nervous system and does not need to be discussed or memorized in order for it to be integrated.
During my 10+ years of working as a Feldenkrais practitioner, I’ve found Feldenkrais sessions to be an effective way to help many children who had postural problems, developmental delays, behavioral or sensory issues, and children on the spectrum.
“If a child isn’t doing certain things, he or she may not yet have had the necessary experience that will lead to doing those things. Feldenkrais practitioners aim to provide those missing experiences, understanding that each child is unique.”
-from the article Developing the whole child