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Being at Home in Your Body

Being at home in your body means that you move well without having to think about it. Movements just come together in an easy, graceful way without you having to be in charge of how they happen. There is a sense that this ease and gracefulness will be there whether you attend to it or not, which frees you up to focus on what you want or need. It is… Read More »Being at Home in Your Body

Feldenkrais and Yoga – Focus on Being

I am often asked if Feldenkrais is similar to Yoga. Since there are so many different ways to practice yoga, it’s hard to give an exact answer. Recently I came across a quote about Yoga practice that is in resonance with my understanding of the Feldenkrais method. “The pose is what you are doing. Yoga is how you are being in the pose. […] Doing a yoga pose while attached… Read More »Feldenkrais and Yoga – Focus on Being

3 Advantages of Working with Movement

– Movement reflects the state of the nervous system– Attending to movement can be a healing experience that does not require analysis or interpretation– It is easier to attend to movement than to thoughts and emotions Inspired by reading article Awareness Movement and Capacity for Change which does a wonderful job highlighting connections between the Feldenkrais Method and Psychotherapy.