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Do You Focus on Healing or Learning?

Often healing and learning are seen as different processes, but when it comes to the Feldenkrais method it is not the case. Whether you are recovering from an injury or learning to move more gracefully, the direction is the same. Focusing on improving the quality of movement helps you achieve both.
This also means you don’t need to make a full list of problems to address. In fact, many physical difficulties we experience have more to do with incomplete learning, than with setbacks due to injury. That means that you might not realize that the “problem” is there, until it is “solved” by learning to move better.

Related quote by Moshe Feldenkrais:
“[most] faults in self-organization are due to arrested self-development. The correction of these flaws is neither conceived nor experienced as the treatment of a disease but as a general resumption of growth and development on all levels.”