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Being at Home in Your Body

Being at home in your body

Being at home in your body means that you move well without having to think about it. Movements just come together in an easy, graceful way without you having to be in charge of how they happen. There is a sense that this ease and gracefulness will be there whether you attend to it or not, which frees you up to focus on what you want or need.

It is possible to go directly towards this easy, graceful, spacious movement quality. In fact it is actually a simpler process than acquiring or improving specific movement skills. It is easier to achieve an overall, general change because you don’t have to be in charge of it – your nervous system can do it for you if you give it a chance to learn. More on this process in Quality of Movement is Quality of Life article. 

You won’t learn a new skill this way, but it would help you be better at many things you already know, by clarifying the foundation on which all your movements are based. You can appreciate extra range, strength and precision in your existing physical practice, or simply having more ease in your everyday movements walking, standing sitting, reaching, leaning…

And because mind and body are not separate, this improvement in the physical quality of being, translates into improvement in emotional/psychological/mental quality of being: feeling more grounded, present, at ease, more creative in one’s thinking.