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Are you Fighting Yourself on a Daily Basis?

As long as you are trying to correct your posture or movement habits, you are fighting yourself. It maybe worthwhile to do it as a temporary mage to avoid acute pain, but it’s not an effective way to create long term change. This fight is impossible to win, because you are fighting with your own nervous system. You try hold on to good posture and move correctly, but the moment you get busy with something that requires your attention, you revert to your usual, habitual way of moving, because it’s the best you’ve got from the point of view of your nervous system.

This is super frustrating, especially if you believe that the only way to change habits is to correct them. Fortunately there are ways to work with your nervous system, rather than against it. Feldenkrais class or private session offers an opportunity to provide feedback to the nervous system in a way that helps your habits naturally improve which results in more comfort and ease. And you get to keep these changes without having to hold on to them, because nervous system will not reject it’s own discoveries.

How does this happen? Our brains are wired to learn from experience and nervous system trends towards more efficient movement. By exploring your habitual movement slowly and gently you become aware of subtle nuances which offers nervous system more opportunities to learn and make improvements. That’s right, by not fighting yourself, by not trying to fix yourself, you create more opportunities for lasting change.

For more geeky details on how moving small and slow helps you feel more, visit this Wikipedia article