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The Unnatural Idea of Natural Change

The idea of unforced, natural change is often the first counter-intuitive surprise for many people who experience the Feldenkrais method for the first time. After the first individual session, I often hear something along the lines: “I feel great! But you did so little, why do I feel so different?” After group class, students are often surprised to discover how much the way they feel can improve, after “simply” attending to small, gentle movements for a while.

It is hard to accept the experience if it doesn’t fit into one’s worldview. It feels too good to be true, because consciously or unconsciously we are taught to believe that our habits won’t change without somebody correcting them. Either the person has to work diligently on correcting their movement habits or find somebody who will help them correct habits.

I can relate: as I was going through my Feldenkrais training, it took time to understand and learn how to apply this principle effectively. 

If you are moved by the idea of unforced change, I invite you to explore this question for yourself and find your own answer experientially.  

Notice when you are tempted to “make change happen”. How does that process feel? What are the outcomes? Does the change last?

Are there times where change happens seemingly by itself? How does that feel? Does it last?

Are the times when you are naturally drawn to just be with an experience? How does that feel – both during and afterwards? Is there a change? If there is, does it last?

And if you are interested to explore these questions further, I hope to see you in class soon.