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Learning to Trust Oneself

Article below, describes a study comparing the use of Feldenkrais and exercise to help people with chronic pain. I really liked this article, because I was excited that they pointed out what I see as an intrinsic truth (and one of the main principles of the Feldenkrais method). Learning from your own experience offers an opportunity to develop trust in yourself.

Quoted from the article: “In one of the studies 40 patients were randomly divided into two groups to compare experiences of two different types of treatment: exercise therapy and sensory motor learning [aka Feldenkrais].

‘The patients in the sensory motor learning group said that they had learned to trust in themselves and now felt able to handle their low back pain themselves without seeking further medical help,’ says Schön-Ohlsson.

This contrasted with the patients in the exercise group, who expressed insecurity and felt dependent on advice from back-pain experts.”