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State of Flow: Process is the Benefit

In a Feldenkrais lesson you can enjoy an opportunity to slow down and simply be with yourself as you are. This process allows a person to easily find the state of flow. This is the state in which a person is naturally present and grounded, also called, “in the zone”. The state emerges when we are perfectly capable of performing given activity and the activity at hand is complex enough to require our full attention.

Everyone is perfectly capable of slowing down and reducing the range of their movement to some degree and that naturally leads to the person to be able to sense and feel more details, nuances, and subtle sensations related to the movements they are doing. An opportunity to be in this state is a benefit in and of itself. The good news doesn’t end there: emerging from this state, a person feels rested and refreshed, just like after a nice nap.

Last but not least, this state is also most conducive to the brain rewiring itself to improve the quality of our movement organization. So after a nice, pleasant process, you get up feeling rested and refreshed and your movement and posture have improved. Win-Win-Win!!!

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