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This was so subtle – why do I feel so different?

One of the rewarding and motivating things about my work that is witnessing a beautiful experience of the person appreciating newly found ease, gracefulness, and a quieter, more relaxed state of being. It is especially precious to hear what people have to say when they experience this work for the first time.

At the end of the session, when client sits up and shares new beautiful things they notice about the way they feel, they often ask: “This was so subtle – why do I feel so different? How did you do it?”

This brings up two counter intuitive (for our culture) principles of this work that are important, so I usually take time to explain.

  1. Movement habits can improve naturally under the right conditions.
  2. Using less effort can create such conditions, because the person becomes more aware of their movement habits.
    See Weber-Fechner law for more details

This goes against two assumptions that are very much ingrained in to this culture:

  1. the more effort we use the more change we get (aka No pain no gain)
  2. in order for change to happen, somebody has to make it happen.

This work is based on trust that given an opportunity, a person’s movement habits would naturally improve. My role as a practitioner is to create such opportunities by choosing a comfortable position, and using gentle touch and movement to help my clients sense and feel what they are already doing well and find more possibilities of easy, simple and graceful movement, simultaneously letting go of unnecessary tension.